At Star Kids Preschool, our philosophy is to provide a variety of academic and creative learning experiences in a safe, stimulating, and nurturing environment. Our developmentally appropriate classrooms will encourage each child to reach his/her full potential cognitively, emotionally, physically, and socially.  Each child will have the opportunity to explore the areas of education appropriate for his/her age and stage of development, while utilizing his/her five senses, therefore enabling the child to develop a feeling of accomplishment and self-confidence.

Young children develop rapidly. In fact, more development occurs during the first five years than at any other stage of life.  A balance of social, emotional, intellectual, and physical stimulation is essential for development to be optimal. In our program, we support and enrich individual development through several goal areas.



Qualified Teaching Opportunities Available

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In 2017 Star Kids Preschool was opened by Christy Avila.

As a young adult, Christy Avila worked in a variety of child development programs with young children. She began her career in early childhood education while in high school. She spent 2 years working as an instructional aide in a toddler classroom, for a private preschool. She was offered a full-time teaching position after high school graduation, as a 3-year-old teacher. After 2 years, Christy accepted a full-time position as a Lead Pre-Kindergarten teacher. Within a year, she was promoted to Assistant Director. After working in a private preschool setting for 6 years, Christy began teaching Pre-Kindergarten at a State Preschool for the Colton Joint Unified School District. She taught State Preschool for 2 years. Christy then accepted a position working for the San Bernardino City Unified School District as an R.O.P. Child Development Careers teacher. There, she spent 12 years teaching high school students the fundamentals of child development and supervised their community-based internships at local preschools and daycare centers.

Throughout her career, Christy earned several degrees, including her M.S. in Early Childhood Education, a B.A. in Child Development, a B.A. in Psychology, and an A.S. in Early Childhood Studies. She also obtained her Program Director Child Development Permit from the State of California and maintains an active membership with the National Association for the Education of Young Children (NAEYC).

As an advocate for quality early childhood education, Christy opened Star Kids Preschool to fulfill her dream of providing the best care and early education for young children.

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Cinthia Duong has over 5 years of experience working in the field of Child Development. She has obtained her B.A. in Child Development from California State University, San Bernardino. Cinthia worked as a Child Enrichment Specialist for the Science of Parenting Program at CSUSB, where she worked closely with children and their families throughout the community to provide positive child guidance strategies. In addition, Cinthia obtained her Child Development Site Supervisor Permit from the State of California and has experience working as an Assistant Manager for various child care centers. She had the pleasure of teaching the 4-year-old classroom at the private school, Rancho Heritage School, in Rancho Cucamonga. Cinthia continues to expand her learning in the field to find new ways to make children love learning in their own individual ways. Her focus is on her students and assuring they feel respected and happy to come to school.



Cecilia Trujillo has spent the past 3 years working with children. She worked at an after school program called Think Together for 2 years with students in grades 2nd-5th. While working there, she received her Associate degree in Liberal Arts: Humanities & Fine Arts at San Bernardino Valley College. She continued her education at Cal State University of San Bernardino and received her Bachelor of Arts degree in Psychology. Cecilia’s goal is to pursue a Master of Science degree in School Counseling and continue making a positive impact in children’s lives. 



Carmelita Windom began working with young children at an early age. She volunteered and worked as a Camp Counselor for Parks and Recreation of Pasadena every summer, while attending middle and high school. During college, Carmelita volunteered at Lake Avenue Preschool in Pasadena. She earned an Associate degree in Early Childhood Education from Pasadena City College, specializing in Infant and Toddler Care.  She gained teaching experience working at a Montessori school in Denver, Colorado. Carmelita also worked for KinderCare for 8 years. She has taught children of different ages, ranging from Infants through Prekindergarten.

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Araceli Hernandez developed an interest in Early Childhood Education as a profession when she took her child development class in 2014. She is currently pursuing admission into La Verne University’s Child Development Program to obtain her bachelor’s degree. For 3 years, Araceli assisted her community church with their childcare program. It was these experiences that motivated her to further her education in Child Development.  Araceli believes that children are an essential part of our nation’s future. Therefore, she believes it is important to work closely with the families of the children here at Star Kids Preschool, to ensure a strong beginning foundation for the students. Araceli strives to provide the best quality care for all the children she works with. She is grateful for the opportunity to be a part of the Star Kids staff and looks forward to helping students achieve their developmental goals.



Kassandra began her journey in Early Childhood 6 years ago.  She enrolled in ROP Child Development Careers and completed her field work at a nonprofit child care center.  Kassandra fell in love with the career path and chose to further her education in Early Childhood. She attended SBVC to complete the necessary units to become a fully qualified Infant/Toddler Teacher. She rejoices in  having the opportunity to help children grow and develop in their early stages of life.

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Ms. Shelby has always had a passion for working with children. She began working with children in high school as a babysitter for family and neighbors. After high school, Ms. Shelby decided she wanted to get her Bachelor of Arts degree in Human Development – Child Track, and a second Bachelor of Arts degree in Psychology. While at Cal Sate San Bernardino, Ms. Shelby gained more experience by completing internships at KinderCare and the child care center located on campus. She was hired by KinderCare and worked there for 2 years. Ms. Shelby also worked for Prestige Preschool Academy for 2 years. She received both of her degrees in December of 2019. Ms. Shelby is excited to be part of Star Kid Preschool’s team!

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Ms. Diana has earned a Bachelor of Arts degree in History and Spanish, as well as a Master of Arts degree in Education: Learning and Teaching. She has worked as an Instructional Aide at various school sites for several years with the Riverside Unified School District. Ms. Diana has experience working with students of various grade-levels. She has worked with students both one-on-one and in groups to meet their needs. In spring of 2021, Ms. Diana completed the credential program at the University of Redlands. She was a student teacher at San Gorgonio Middle School. Ms. Diana has gained significant teaching experience throughout her academic career. She is very happy to be a part of the School-Age Program at Star Kids Preschool and have the opportunity to help students.

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Ms. Kirstin started her career with children by babysitting the neighborhood kids when she was younger. She has worked with children of different ages ranging from infants to 7th graders. Ms. Kirstin has been in the field for over 20 years. She loves to help each individual child learn and grow. Ms. Kirstin attended college in Northern California, where she studied child development. She has recently relocated to Southern California. Her passion for teaching comes from her heart and she is excited to be a part of Star Kids Preschool's team.



Amanda Boutin has an Associate degree in Early Childhood Development and a second Associate degree in Social and Behavioral Sciences. Ms. Amanda has been working in the field of early childhood education for over 6 years. She has recently rejoined our staff here at Star Kids Preschool. Ms. Amanda has a deep passion for teaching. She brings organization, creativity, and her love for children to every classroom she works in.

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Ms Abigail’s passion for working with children started when she began to babysit for friends and family while she was in high school. She is currently attending Chaffey Community College where she will be receiving her Associate degree in Psychology at the end of this year. Ms. Abigail plans on transferring to Cal State Fullerton to complete her Bachelor of Arts degree in Psychology. Her career goal for the future is to become a therapist for children. It has always been her goal to work with children and make a positive impact in their lives.

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Ms. Shaely has always had an interest in working with children. She loves being able to play a role in helping children have better futures! Ms. Shaely has obtained a Bachelor of Arts degree in Human Development - Child Development Track at California State University San Bernardino. She plans to earn her Master's degree in the future. Ms. Shaely has discovered a passion and love for teaching here at Star Kids Preschool.

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Sabrina Fisher has worked with children ages twelve months through twelve years old. She has been working in the field of early childhood education for over four years. Her love for children started at a young age. She grew up in a big family where she was always caring for her younger siblings and cousins. Sabrina married at a young age and moved to Lawton, Oklahoma due to her husband's duty station. There, she attended Cameron University where she graduated with her Bachelor of Science degree in Family and Child Studies. Sabrina believes children deserve the world, so her dream is to further her education by pursuing a Master’s degree in Social Work, specifically in Child Welfare.

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Ms. Leslie graduated from California State University Long Beach with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Child Development. She has always loved working with children. While attending high school, Ms. Leslie babysat for family. Throughout college, Ms. Leslie completed her fieldwork at a preschool, working with children ages of 3 to 4-years-old. Her passion to pursue a career in the field of child development truly began when she volunteered in early childhood settings. Ms. Leslie rejoices in how children think, learn, and apply what they are being taught. Most of all, as a teacher, she recognizes her ability to influence children in positive ways, at a young age. Ms. Leslie looks forward to continuing her education in child development and early childhood education.

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Ms. Jocelyn graduated from Victor Valley College with an Associate in Science degree in Early Childhood Education. She has gained experience working in the field for the past four years. Ms. Jocelyn strongly believes that there is no greater joy than being able to teach such young minds, while watching them grow and develop each day. Ms. Jocelyn’s favorite quote comes from C.S. Lewis: “Children are not distraction from important work, they are the most important work.”



Ms. Jasmine had an interest in becoming a teacher from an early age. She comes from a family of teachers. Ms. Jasmine has worked with children since 2018. Her first experience working with children was in high school through ROP (Regional Occupations Program). Ms. Jasmine is currently pursuing her Associate degree in Child Development at Chaffey College. She also has an Associate degree in Fashion Merchandising. Her future goal is to work with special needs children. Ms. Jasmine is very happy to be part of the team at Star Kids Preschool.

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Ms. Mayra loves working with children because she enjoys seeing them grow and develop. Ms. Mayra has gained experience working with children for over 20 years. She worked as a computer class teacher and a teacher’s assistant for the Downey Unified School District for four years. Ms. Mayra also worked for a Montessori preschool for five years. She has continuously volunteered for a variety of schools throughout the years, too. Ms. Mayra attended and received her education at both Cerritos College and the University of Fresno.

For additional information on our course offerings or to talk with a member of our staff, please feel free to contact us.



On Yelp


My child has been attending Star Kids for a year now and I love this place! The staff are so friendly and happy to work with my crazy schedule. The school is disinfected on a regular basis including all of the toys. Food is provided everyday. They help potty train. I can't rate this school enough!!! I'll be sad once my child graduates to kindergarten.

Taylor W.