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Star Kids Preschool School-Age Program provides an educational program designed to facilitate the development of the whole child. Professionally trained staff plan and arrange stimulating learning environments through enrichment clubs, which are appropriate for the different developmental stages of a child’s life. Our school-age program is designed for children ages 5-12 years. The teachers work together to meet the needs of the children, arrange the environment, and plan and implement activities.

Our curriculum at Star Kids Preschool School-Age Program is based on current research that supports developmentally appropriate practices. We support the interest of each child, helping them to grow in their socio-emotional and cognitive skill development through hands-on experimentation with materials and concepts. We believe that your child will discover and learn by making the decisions needed to work through an activity. Teachers will build lesson plans around weekly curriculum themes. 


Star Kids Preschool School-Age Program offers both full and part-time schedules. Our full-time schedule is available for distance learning, school breaks, and our summer camp program. Our part-time schedule includes before and after-school care, with transportation to and from neighboring elementary schools.

Star Kids Preschool School-Age Program helps students with distance learning and helps facilitate public school virtual learning on-site, both full-time and part-time for school-aged children. Your child can attend their school virtually and/or hybrid, while our teachers are available to assist them at the center.

Before-School Program

Our before-school program provides transportation to school in the morning. We serve your child a nutritious breakfast snack and ensure they are ready for their school day.

After-School Program

Our after-school program provides a safe and supervised environment for homework support. Each afternoon, we provide transportation from school to our center and provide your child with a nutritious snack.  Additionally, your child will participate in a variety of enrichment clubs facilitated by our teachers. 

Children coloring
School Children


In the Language and Literacy Club, students will improve their reading and comprehension skills in a variety of creative ways. They will be given opportunities to self-express and use their imagination through learning experiences. Students will focus on reading, writing, and poetry. They will develop their own stories and participate in presentation activities. In this club, students will learn and practice different languages. Teachers provide supplies and opportunities for children to experience written material, dramatic storytelling, and dictations.


The Mathematics and Engineering Club uses hands-on projects to develop problem-solving skills in the classroom and in the outside world. Students are provided with different tools and instructions to explore math concepts for all skill levels. Students will be inspired by our teachers to explore how things work and how they are made. School-age children will be introduced to different engineering disciplines such as architecture, mechanical, and structural design. Students will use a variety of materials and measuring tools for activities and projects.

Math and Geometry Tools
Children in Science Class


In the Science and Health Club, students will engage in hands-on experiences. Students will explore how things work in the world of science. They will investigate studies of outer space (astronomy), studies of life (biology), studies of earth (geology), studies of substances and their interactions (chemistry), and studies of matter and energy (physics). Students will also participate in science projects and activities that encourage nutrition. They will learn how their bodies work and the importance of hygiene. Students will also learn how nutrition and fitness work together, while enjoying healthy snacks and fun fitness activities outdoors. Reinforcing healthy choices in this club will influence their healthy decisions later in life.


The Arts and Creative Design Club will enable students to draw, paint, design, create, and craft their ideas. The arts will give them a chance to shine in their own creative ways. Students will be inspired by learning about the different styles of art. They will learn the principles and tools that artists use in their abstract work. Teachers will guide students in making their own creative projects and masterpieces.  Students will enhance their fine motor skills, hand-eye coordination, memory, and self-esteem.  This club encourages the expression of their own creative skills and imagination.

Art Supply
School Children


In the Character Essentials Club, teachers will encourage children to understand our society so that they may develop into adults who respect others. This club will facilitate their involvement in their community. Students will learn about dependability and time-management. They will learn about respect and diversity in families. They will explore traditions and celebrations around the world. Students will learn about different cultures and ideas beyond the classroom. Students will focus on setting goals, reflections, and character development. Both independent and organized activities will be provided to encourage personal growth and lifelong success. This club will help with their social and emotional skills, while guiding them to be compassionate, capable, and courageous.

School-Age Program: Activities
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